Get the runs virtual run



Get the Runs

This is going to be a super fun virtual run, with a lot of group support!

Pick your distance, 5K (3.1 miles) or 10K (6.2 miles). Once you are registered for the race, we will email you a training schedule and an invite to our Facebook group for virtual group runs.

Each participate will receive  a shirt mailed to their house. 



And we will DONATE a portion of all profits to World Health Organization ( to help with covid-19 relief and support for those in need. has already donated 974,000 surgical and n95 masks

1 million boxes of gloves

115,500 gowns

18,000 goggles

34, 000 face shields

Just to name a few- you can check out their site to see all they have done to help give support and relief to those in need during this world pandemic.  By registering for this race YOU are also helping with this world pandemic. 

We will also set up virtual group runs, and a support group on facebook for all runners!!  On this page we will share helpful running tips, virtual group runs, and motivational quotes.

Register now to take full advantage of the support and fun.  On May 30th you will submit your pic, time and distance to our facebook group, and receive praise and celebration from all:)

We are in this together, lets stay motivated and keep running!

Get Lucky in love 5k & Walk


postponed due to Covid-19

Race starts and finish's at Roosters B Street Brewery in Ogden.

Top 3 male and female prizes-

1 night stay at Alaskan Inn

50 min stone massage at Beyond Spa

Beer and "Single" or "taken" shirt at finish

  Race will run East along Ogden Parkway and back. 


All participates receive a "single" or 

taken" shirt to wear at race and after party.

-5k training schedule to get you ready for run

-1 drink per runner (beer or non-alcoholic)

-Amazing 1st, 2nd, 3rd place prizes for female and male.


Run for the SHIRT!!

This CUTE design on the left is the front of our race shirts!!!

We may have missed Valentines on this run, but its not to late to miss out on finding  and celebrating love/relationships and friendships!  Come run this fun race, wear your race shirt and mark if you are single or taken.  Grab your friends, partner and loved ones for a beautiful run and lots of fun!  After the race come in Roosters B Street for a drink (beer or non-alcoholic drink included in your race purchase).  

 This race is designed to get active people out to meet other active people, meet new friends, new running partners, or maybe even just THE one!

This is a race you are not going to want to miss!

do what you love Race series

Get Lucky in Love April 18th

Get Lucky in Love April 18th

Get Lucky in Love April 18th


Come single or taken!  Fun 5k with great 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes.

register @

O-Town Running Heart June 27

Get Lucky in Love April 18th

Get Lucky in Love April 18th


O-Town Running heart, 2nd annual 5k fun run. Beer and pizza at the finish, with awesome after party on the outdoor patio at UTOG.  Live Dj and raffle

registration available soon!

Make a Slash Aug TBD

Get Lucky in Love April 18th

Make a Slash Aug TBD


Are your customers raving about you on social media? Share their great stories to help turn potential customers into loyal ones.

O-Town Running Heart


Awesome 80s Run

Come in your best 80s outfit, family friendly 5k/1k

All runners receive 1 Beer/drink, pizza, breadstick at finish!!

Date- June 27


Awesome After Party

Every Runner will receive 1- Beer/drink at Finish line, 

along with food, raffle ticket for our great

raffle!  Music and lots of fun!

All runner will receive a training schedule "Sit to Fit 5k" to get you ready to run this 5k even if you have never ran before! And my e-book "My Simple Guide to Healthy Eating".

Bring your kids/spouse/friends and family!

This is an event you are not going to want to miss!!!

Start and finish will be at UTOG Brewery 2331 Grant Ave, Ogden

Only $45/ person or $40/person for groups of 4 or more

Race will be capped at 150 adults so get registered!

O-Town Running Heart


My goal for this run is to bring people and families into Ogden for  a great time and a fun run. My first was The Ogden half Marathon in 2007. My sister and a group of friends ran it for  a friend who passed away and had planned to run it. My sister and I have registered for this race every year since.  I have ran this race 17 weeks pregnant and she has ran it 7 weeks after having a baby. I named   this race O-town Running Heart, because when I think of running I think of  Ogden and I have an extreme love for all the races I’ve done in Ogden.   I have done training runs along the beautiful Ogden parkway for years!  I have participated in other great races in  Ogden, and want to bring others into Ogden to experience its great running  atmosphere.  I was not born or raised in Ogden, but my love for running started in Ogden!  My running heart belongs to Ogden inspired the name O-Town Running Heart!

After this run I  believe a piece of your Runners heart will belong to Ogden too!

Thank you to our amazing sponsors!!

MV Tax accounting

MV Tax accounting

MV Tax accounting


MV Tax & Accounting Inc and A-Team Profit Accounting LLC have teamed up to help bring more players  your team.   Our tax and accounting services are geared to helping individuals and businesses achieve their end goals by developing strategies for profitable growth and tax savings. 


MV Tax accounting

MV Tax accounting

this could be you


Nigel Farnsworth 

loan officer

801 671 2577


1970 N Washington Blvd.

801 317 5055


Shawn Janke

Real Estate Agent/broker

801 540 3447


619 N 2000 W

Ogden, UT

801 388 5287